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Equinety Horse XL Travel Tub 100g (15 Day Supply)


Equinety Horse XL Travel Tub 100g (15 Day Supply)

Equinety is an all natural formula specifically designed to enhance the life of your horse. Equinety is made up of 8 amino acids and contains no filler, artificial flavoring, coloring, preservatives, sucrose, sugars, starch, gluten, dairy or yeast and helps your horse at a cellular level. Equinety is non GMO, created out of love and medical science for animals to increase their longevity, performance and quality of life.

Each sample tub of Equinety’s Horse XL provides a 15 day supply of formula for one horse when taken as directed.

Equinety is a proprietary blend and US patented.

Equinety Horse XL, for the life and love of your horse!

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